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Posted in Combat sports

The benefits of using a punching bag for training

Having a punching bag at home is a good investment for training and developing your sporting skills. But there are several criteria to take into account when choosing it. Let’s take a look at how to make the best choice for your needs, expectations and desires. Suspended or free-standing punching-ball, which one to choose? In […]

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Posted in Combat sports, Martial Arts

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: on course for gold!

The adrenalin rush, the cheers from the spectators, the smiles on the lips of the winners… That’s it! The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are back. Ready to experience unforgettable moments in the company of top athletes? See you on July 23. A golden opportunity to take a look back at the various combat sports, martial […]

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Posted in Karate, Martial Arts

Karate training at the Morlanwelz-Carnières Club

Put on your kimono, tie your belt and get your protective gear… Direction? Le dōjō de Morlanwelz-Carnières. Ichi, ni, san… It’s off to a training session that’s both intensive and family-oriented, in a warm and spiritual setting. Morlanwelz-Carnières Karate Club Would you like to get started in a martial discipline, meet passionate people and improve […]

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Posted in Martial Arts

The tatami puzzle (mat): the material of choice for your dojo

Looking for equipment for your dojo? The first thing to think about is the carpet. Between cotton, vinyl and rice straw tatami, puzzle tatami remains the material of choice for martial arts. Find out all about the specific features of this product! What does the puzzle mat look like? The puzzle mat has become an […]

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Posted in Boxing, Combat sports, Kick Boxing, Thai boxing

How do you choose between boxing, kick-boxing or muay thai?

If you decide to take up combat sports, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whichever one you choose, the requirements are the same: rigor and dedication. More than just a way to get back into shape, these sports activities work the body and mind, while instilling self-discipline and self-confidence. That’s why it’s important to choose your […]

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