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Back to shop Hakama Basic Tetron – AH250 BLACK

Hakama Basic Tetron – AH250 BLACK


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Tozando’s last basic aikido hakama. With its excellent value for money, we recommend it for beginners.
This hakama is made from fine, lightweight tetron fabric (65% polyester, 35% rayon); its matte texture gives it a classic look.
The folds have been specially ironed for sharp definition and feature an inside seam. However, it is not made in Japan like our standard tetron Tozando hakama (AH350).
It was with the ukemi in mind that the koshi-ita was designed; it’s made from a composite rubber constructed to hold its shape and protect against injury at the same time.
The obi belt is reinforced with seven lines of stitching to prevent tearing or twisting. A stronger obi belt also means you can tie your hakama more securely.
Features :
– Tetron fabric (65% polyester, 35% rayon)
– The front and back of this hakama are the same length.
– Available in black and navy blue
– Made in China
How do I measure for the right hakama size?
What we usually call ‘hakama length’ is the length of the ‘legs’ excluding the waistband.
Depending on gender and clothing preferences, the ideal length may vary from person to person.
The correct measurement for a hakama is taken from where the obi belt usually rests (usually the top of the hip bone), down to the ankle bone.
This length is ideal for your hakama
Please refer to the ‘Hakama length’ section of our sizing chart.
For an easier way to measure your size, you can also attach a belt where you would attach the obi of your hakama and then measure from the underside of this test belt to your ankle bone.
Generally, men wear their hakama belted at the hips, while women wear it a little higher, belted at the waist.


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