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Back to shop Boris fixed mirror – Black frame + silk-screen print

Boris fixed mirror – Black frame + silk-screen print


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The Boris is a screen-printed wall mirror designed for professionals seeking technical precision. It helps choreographers, musicians, athletes and rehabilitation professionals improve their students’ movements thanks to the 10 x 5 centimetre screen-printed grid. The Boris mirror, named after the Russian opera masterpiece Boris Godunov, projects a perfect reflection and guarantees maximum personal safety.
Designed for movement excellence.
The Boris mirror is an ideal working tool for professionals who require concise forms of expression. The entire surface of the mirror features a grid of fine lines measuring 10 x 5 centimetres, enabling meticulous control of body position and rigorous technical evaluation.
The exceptional quality of the Boris mirror provides a perfect reflection, whatever the distance. For group work, several mirrors can be joined together to create a continuous, gap-free surface.
Available in three sizes and two colors
Boris is available in a range of sizes and colors to suit all types of space. The Boris mirror is available in 3 sizes: the classic 200 x 100 cm, 170 x 100 cm or 120 x 80 cm, ideal for courses with children. You can choose a silver or black frame.
Absolute safety.
The installation mechanism allows the Boris mirror to be fixed above a skirting board with its entire surface resting on the wall, thus distributing the pressure. The aluminum frame provides additional protection for the user and, in the event of breakage due to violent impact, the treatment and quality of the material ensure that glass splinters do not detach from the mirror, in compliance with European safety standard EN-6060.
Easy to install and move the mirror.
The Boris model is installed on galvanized steel brackets screwed to the wall. The aluminum frame clings perfectly to thin substrates. This mechanism makes it easy to install the Boris mirror without too much impact on the wall. What’s more, mirrors can be easily relocated if required.


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