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adidas Maya corner bag



This PU boxing bag from Adidas is a feast for the eyes.
The boxing bags are sewn very firmly to prevent tearing.
Boxing bags are filled with newly purchased cut textiles to prevent mildew and stench, and to ensure that no hard objects such as metal, iron and stones end up in the filling. The boxing bag is also electronically scanned for iron particles. Especially for your safety. The filling of the boxing bags is composed in such a way that it perfectly absorbs your blows and keeps your hands and legs well protected.
The boxing bag is suitable for young and old, amateurs and professionals.
Can be used in the gym or at home. The boxing bag is suitable for: kickboxing, free sparring, traditional boxing, Thai boxing.
Advantages :
– sturdy and suitable for everyone
– beautiful appearance
– for home and gym use
– Extremely robust PU
– filled with a clean textile mixture of ideal hardness
– extra-strong stitching to prevent tearing


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