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Back to shop adidas Focus Thai Pad Black/White (Set of 2)

adidas Focus Thai Pad Black/White (Set of 2)



This Thai mittaine has been specially developed for professionals. This mittaine is made of durable synthetic vinyl, very sturdy and long-lasting. On the back are 3 sturdy straps that can be adjusted to hold the cuff in place. There’s an extra pad at the elbow for extra protection and comfort while absorbing stairs. The padding is made of extra-strong, layered EVA foam that ensures the cushion doesn’t create a vacuum but reduces kicks and punches to a minimum. There are also ventilation holes so that air expelled from the cushion can escape properly and the cushion doesn’t tear. All this together makes for a very comfortable workout. This mittaine is ideal for practising your punches and kicks, whether on the side of your trainer or your training partner. The cushion is supplied in packs of 2.
Suitable for all martial artists. For both trainer and student.
Advantages: – sturdy, durable synthetic vinyl – for professionals and amateurs alike – good absorption capacity – safe for hands and feet – adjustable straps – good grip thanks to sturdy straps


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